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Maximize Capital Efficiency On
Staked Digital Assets

Earn staking rewards, unlock liquidity from staked assets and stack multiple yield streams at the same time

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Problem: An Inefficient US$300 Billion Market

With the rapid growth of the staking economy, global staking market cap has rocketed to exceed $300 billion. However, staking by itself is not capital optimal as it gives bond-like returns, while users have to also deal with fluctuating asset prices. Staking also results in substantial asset values locked into illiquid positions. There can be much better ways to maximize the value and returns on these assets for asset owners.

Solution: Collateralize Staked Digital Assets Into Liquid Capital

  • 01

    Users deposit yield-bearing assets into RAMP smart contracts, which redeploys these assets into staking or yield farming on behalf of users.

  • 02

    Users mint rUSD stablecoin on Ethereum against these delegated yield-bearing assets as collateral.

  • 03

    rUSD minted can be deployed into DeFi protocols to stack multiple yield streams, generating higher income yields for users.

  • 04

    Users can exchange their rUSD into USDT or USDC via liquidity pools, giving them access to fiat-backed stablecoins.

  • 05

    Users continue to receive the majority of their staking rewards, and still retain ownership of the underlying yield-bearing asset portfolio.

User Benefits

We help users to double dip and achieve higher capital efficiency. You will love it!

Cross-Chain Liquidity Bridges

Mint liquid capital against staked digital assets on Ethereum and other networks.

Retain Staking Rewards

Users continue to receive staking rewards on their staked digital assets.

Yield Stacking

Earn yield from multiple revenue streams and farm RAMP tokens.

RAMP DEFI Ecosystem

RAMP DEFI focuses on developing a suite of products that act as the "building blocks" to power the RAMP ecosystem and cross-chain liquidity transfer.

rStakeDelegates For YieldrBurnBuybacks and BurnrMintMints USDrKeeperAssets to CashVaultsUSDT/ USDCUser WalletsDigital Assets
Asset deposited into rStake to generate yield. rStake returns majority of yield back to users, and rewards users with RAMP tokens into their ERC20 wallet
Users use rMint to mint their wrapped assets into rUSD stablecoin
rTreasury manages the conversion of liquidated assets into stablecoin for rUSD value support and redemptions
rBurn governs how the generated fees are used to buyback and burn RAMP from secondary markets
RAMP holders can stake, farm and participate in yield stacking opportunities directly from the Vaults

Ecosystem Partners &
Protocol Integrations

  • Iost

  • Tomochain

  • Tezos

  • Injective

  • The Graph

  • Elrond

  • Solana

  • Icon

  • Stone DEFI

  • Nuls

  • Moonstake

  • Metanyx

  • Crust

  • Alliance Block

Road map

Q3.2020Q4.2020Q1.2021Q1.2021 ContQ2.2021Q3.2021
  • Cross-chain derivatives DeFi protocol conceptualized.
  • Market research of DeFi ecosystem completed.
  • Solution design for cross-chain liquidity bridges completed.
  • Non-ERC20 blockchain staking research completed.
  • Liquid staking designs completed.
  • Feasibility research on technology stack completed.


Team and Advisors

The RAMP team and advisors are seasoned professionals with rich experiences across blockchain, artificial intelligence and investments, and have previously served in the following organizations.


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